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Only One. AutoCAD.
Work faster from anywhere with industry-specific toolsets and web and mobile apps

Industry-specific toolsets

  • Speed work with specialized toolsets for architecture, mechanical design, mapping, and more.
  • Enhance work quality with standards-based tools.
  • Extend workflows across disciplines more effectively.
  • Use industry-specific features and functionality, and easily access content libraries.

Why subscribe

  • Draft and design with the latest features included in subscriber-only* updates.
  • Enjoy greater mobility with the new web** and mobile apps.
  • Access industry-specific toolsets.
  • Stay up to date while working in the familiar AutoCAD interface.

The right tools for the job
When you subscribe to AutoCAD including specialized toolsets, you gain access to features and functionality that help you work faster and more efficiently than ever before.
Design more-quickly with industry-specific capabilities that let you:

  • Access libraries of symbols, parts, and detail components.
  • Automate the creation of annotations, layers, and properties.
  • Easily create details and views from 3D models, and quickly generate schedules, lists, and tables.
  • Use rules-driven workflows to enforce standards.

Architecture toolset
Speed architectural drawing and documentation with building design features and more than 8,000 intelligent architectural objects. Automate floorplans, sections,
elevations, and more.

Mechanical toolset
Accelerate product design with specialized mechanical design features and more than 700,000 intelligent manufacturing parts, features, and symbols. Automate tasks, such as generating machine components and creating bills of materials.

Electrical toolset
Boost productivity while designing and documenting electrical controls systems with specialized features and more than 65,000 intelligent electrical symbols. Speed design of panel layouts, schematic diagrams, and more.

MEP toolset
Efficiently draft, design, and document building systems with specialized engineering features and more than 10,500 intelligent mechanical, electrical, and plumbing objects. Easily design ductwork, electrical conduit, and circuiting for building systems.

Plant 3D toolset
Produce P&IDs efficiently, and integrate them into 3D plant design models using specialized plant design and engineering features. Quickly create plant layouts, schematic diagrams, and more.

Map 3D toolset
Improve planning and design by incorporating GIS and CAD data. Manage spatial data more easily with standard data schema, automated business workflows, and report templates.

Raster design toolset
Convert raster images into DWG™ objects with raster-to-vector tools. Easily edit and clean up raster images while transforming them into vector drawings within a familiar AutoCAD environment.

Work anytime, anywhere
Stay on top of projects at client sites, in the office, and on the go. Subscribe to AutoCAD 2019 and gain access to the all-new web app and enhanced mobile app features—helping you take designs and workflows anywhere. Work with designs, drawings, and data on any platform and across devices.

AutoCAD web app
New to the AutoCAD family of products, the AutoCAD web app gives you quick, anytime access to the latest plans. View, create, and edit your CAD drawings through a simplified web interface at

AutoCAD mobile app
Work with drawings in the field—even offline. View, create, and edit CAD drawings with powerful, easy-to-use tools on any mobile device.

Save to web and mobile
Save drawings from your desktop to be viewed and edited on the web and mobile apps. Use shared access to the latest drawings on the desktop, web, and mobile devices to work on DWG files anywhere.

Get new and enhanced features
DWG compare
Easily identify and document graphical differences between 2 revisions of a drawing or xref. Use color-coded graphics to highlight the differences between the drawing versions.

2D graphics enhancements
Zoom, pan, and change draw orders and layer properties faster. New controls in the Graphics Performance dialog box let you easily configure the behavior of 2D graphics performance.

Shared views
Share designs without releasing original files. Use a shareable link to publish drawing design views in a web browser, and receive comments back directly into AutoCAD desktop.

Views and viewports
Insert named views onto a layout, change the scale of or move a paper space viewport at any time, and quickly create new model views— even while working on a layout.

Protect your designs with Trusted DWG technology
Help retain the integrity of your design data throughout the review process with TrustedDWG™ technology. Built into AutoCAD software, TrustedDWG is the original, most
efficient, and most accurate way to store and share design data.

Learn more or subscribe
Access specialists worldwide who can provide product expertise, a deep understanding of your industry, and value that extends beyond your software. To license AutoCAD software, contact an Autodesk Authorized Reseller. Locate a reseller near you at

Subscription benefits
Subscribe to AutoCAD to get flexibility and support benefits. With your subscription, enjoy:
• Technical support: Get access to support specialists, remote assistance, and online resources.
• Up-to-date software: Stay competitive with instant access to the latest features.
• Flexible term lengths: Use the software you need as long as you need it with terms from one month to multiple years.
• Administrative tools: Easily manage software licenses, seats, and usage.

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