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The most powerful & intuitive all-purpose Endpoint Manager in its class, Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (ESM) manages not only the security of your workstations, laptops and netbooks but now also manages their system status.Benefits of Comodo Business Antivirus
– One centralized management console to manage both local and remote endpoints
– Real-time notification
– Manages Windows, Mac OSX & Debian based Linux endpoints
– Real-time threat containment automatically places unknown processes in a virtual environment, protecting critical Windows system files and user data
– Multi-layered endpoint defense incorporates Business Antivirus, Firewall, Threat Containment, Host Intrusion Protection, File Reputation Look-Up, URL Filtering and Behavioral Analysis
– Bundled WiFi security, Power management, USB device management
– Multi-session RDP-style access to endpoints from the console and more

Combining endpoint security management with system monitoring tools, Comodo ESM has evolved to manage an endpoint’s network connections, processes and services, installed applications, CPU, RAM and hard-disk usage and bandwidth consumption. Alerts of deviations from acceptable or pre-defined standards are sent to the administrator’s browser-based console in real-time.

Through the intuitive context menu the administrator can terminate suspicious network connections, force-close processes, stop services and uninstall applications. The administrator is also able to resolve processes causing CPU or RAM saturation and terminate them as required or quickly establish the largest files on the endpoint’s hard-drive and selectively delete them releasing precious storage resources, all from one console. Via Comodo ESM policies the administrator is also able to control the endpoint’s power consumption by enforcing “sleep” or “hibernate” schedules and can control the use of USB devices.

This means enhanced system security, improved system performance, more efficient energy usage and less administrative overhead resulting in potential savings of thousands of dollars per year in IT costs and a more productive computing experience for users.

How do I manage my endpoints using Comodo ESM?
The Comodo ESM server is administered via a panoramic-display, browser-based console on any Silverlight compatible system.

What protection does it offer?
Comodo ESM 3 leverages our award-winning anti-malware suite, Comodo Endpoint Security offering:-
– Comodo’s best of business antivirus
– Comodo’s legendary firewall
– Comodo’s innovative Defense+ host intrusion protection system with Default Deny Protection™ which, using our huge application whitelist, prevents untrusted executables from running and blocks viruses at source
– Patent-pending Auto-Sandbox technology™ separates unknown applications into an isolated environment while integrated cloud behavior analysis helps determine the application’s integrity and trustworthiness – all without interrupting the end-user

Comodo is so confident we can protect endpoints we’re the only provider offering a Limited Virus-Free Warranty.

Features and Faqs
How do I use it?
Once installed through the simplified wizards, endpoints are quickly and efficiently discovered via Active Directory query, workgroup discovery or IP address range. They can then be grouped as required and administrative policies applied. Comodo ESM will automatically reapply those policies to endpoints not compliant with their required configurations.

What features does Comodo ESM 3 offer?
– One centralized management console combines management of LAN and WAN endpoint’s security and system status
– Unique panorama view of endpoint estate with “first-glance” view of 11 critical endpoint metrics
– Automatically uninstalls legacy/existing antivirus products1
– Manages Comodo Endpoint Security Manager security configurations
– Manages CPU, RAM and hard disk usage
– Manages services, processes and applications
– Manages endpoint power consumption
– Manages USB devices
– Set-and-forget policies ensure that endpoint configurations are automatically re-applied if they cease being compliant
– Deploys endpoint policies with pre-configured firewall and application whitelisting rules
– Lowest resource overhead anti-malware suite available on the market
– Default-deny anti-malware suite denies system access to unknown files
– Allows updating of definition database from internet and/or caching proxy and that’s just for starters…

product dependant
Is there a minimum or maximum number of PCs a business must have to use Comodo Endpoint Security Manager?
Version 3 has been tested managing 2500 endpoints.

Can the management server be run from a virtual server?

How are virus database updates received and how are they pushed out?
Virus database updates can be received from the internet or from the Comodo ESM server acting as a caching proxy. You can choose to use either (or both) as part of the deployment procedure or through post-deployment policy editing. Administrators can also update selected endpoints using the ‘Update’ button in the endpoint’s properties tab.

Can I enable and disable individual components?
Yes. The choice of which components to install can be made during the initial setup wizard or at any time thereafter.

Can I configure Comodo Endpoint Security Manager to use an existing database server?
Yes, Comodo ESM can use its embedded Microsoft® SQL Express 2012 edition or you can configure it to use an existing Microsoft SQL instance (Express, Standard or Enterprise) 2005 or later.

System Requirements
Comodo ESM Hardware requirements
– 1 GHz Intel Pentium III or higher
– 1 GB RAM (2 � 4 GB recommended)
– 4 GB free disk space

Comodo ESM Agents can be installed on
– Windows XP SP3
– Windows Vista
– Windows 7
– Windows 8
– Windows 8.1
– Windows 10
– Windows Server 2003
– Windows Small Business Server 2003
– Windows Server 2008
– Windows Small Business Server 2008
– Windows Small Business Server 2011
– Mac OSX 10.5 +
– Debian variants of Linux (Debian/Ubuntu/Mint)

Comodo Endpoint Security Manager can be installed on
– Windows XP SP3 (requires a separate SQL 2008 Xpress Install)
– Windows Vista
– Windows 7
– Windows 8
– Windows 8.1
– Windows 10
– Windows 2003 Server / Small Business Server (requires a separate SQL 2008 Xpress Install)
– Windows 2008 Server / Small Business Server
– Windows 2008 Server R2
– Windows 2011 Small Business Server

Please note that installing Comodo ESM may require manual configuration of the firewall, if deployed, and disabling of Defense+ HIPS and Sandbox. We also recommend that scheduled scans be run outside of production hours and that, if large volumes of data are being scanned, the scheduled scans be broken up into several smaller scans.

Upgrading, Licensing & Pricing
Please be aware that Comodo ESM requires registration. Upon registration for the download, a license key will be sent to the email address submitted during the online registration process. This license key will be required to be entered during the installation of Comodo ESM

New Installations Professional Edition
The starting point for new installations of Comodo ESM Professional Edition is the downloading and registration of the 10 free user licenses which are Free Forever. All we ask is, in order to continue using these free licenses, that they be renewed on an annual basis.

The currently available version of Comodo ESM should not be upgraded from Comodo ESM 1.6, 2.0 or 2.1 due to database incompatibilities. Comodo will advise clients when these updates are available

Licensing & Pricing
Basic licenses can be purchased online here
Premium licenses feature with enterprise support and services. Click here for an easy quote
For questions, demos, quotations or additional information please Click here to contact us

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