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CADbro 2021
Real-time collaboration in 3D CAD space

As a 3D CAD viewer that helps with your collaboration, CADbro brings you the lightweight and enjoyable experience to view, annotate, analyze and collaborate on 3D models in the 3D space.

Light-weight CADbro Cloud
In CADbro Cloud, you can manage and share 3D files, as well as collaborate with your project members in real time. Communicating engineering data becomes easier than ever, delivering more efficient internal and external cooperation.

Smart CAD Viewing
View 3D files anytime and anywhere on any device.

Vivid 3D Annotation
Add 3D annotations to better illustrate and collaborate on 3D models.

Advanced Analysis
Ensure the manufacturability of product structures and assemblies

A Collaborative Tool For Various Functions
– Product Development
– Technical Operation
– Quality Control
– Procurement
– Sales & Marketing
– Management

View, annotate, analyze and collaborate on 3D CAD files.
Friendly in both usage and budget.
– Online 3D Viewing
View and manage your 3D files anytime and anywhere on any device.
– 3D Data Sharing
Share 3D files with your project members in the lightweight HTML format and under high data security.
– Realtime Collaboration
Collaborate with project members on 3D CAD data in real time, such as online meetings and view sharing.

– 25+ Formats Support
Access 2D and 3D CAD files in different formats without expensive CAD licenses.
– 2D & 3D Files Export
Export standard third-party files as well as 3D PDF, HTML and image files.
– Dynamic Section View
View various sections of 3D models dynamically and generate the section curves.

– Easy Dimensioning
Directly create dimensions, mechanical symbols, texts, etc. for the imported 3D models.
– Smart Measuring
Smartly measure different geometric objects with one single command.
– Intuitive Markup
Intuitively record comments, modifications and stamps with the Markup functions

– Property Inspecting
Inspect physical properties, such as volume, area, weight, mass moment, etc.
– Mold Design Analysis
Assist your mold design with draft angle/wall thickness checking, undercut detecting, project area calculating, etc.
– Assembly Design Analysis
Ensure the assembly quality with reliable analysis tools and generate flow charts or quotation documents.

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