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Free Backup Software – EaseUS Todo Backup

  • One-click backup and instant recovery with high efficiency
  • Perform disk imaging and save backups in a safe condition
  • Over 20,000,000 users enjoy a high level of data security with EaseUS.

Back up You Have (Everything)

EaseUS free backup software for Windows secures your data as well as your future! It comes with a simple UI but powerful abilities to create backups of the disk, partition, OS and files and save backups to local drives, external hard drives, NAS, network and cloud.

File backup software doesn’t mean essential functions. Advanced backup options are open to free users, such as incremental and differential backup, scheduled backup, encrypted backup, set backup frequency, enable image reserve strategy, and more.

Restore You Want (Anywhere)

By chance you’ll need a backup recovery, you should never mind the recovery speed because it’s quick. You can choose to restore a backup, including data and the data path, to a specified/original location or replace existing files.

A bootable backup is quite helpful for disaster recovery when your computer fails to boot due to a virus/malware attack, system crash, BSOD, or hardware corruption. Keep one bootable rescue media when you build the first backup.

Underneath the Windows Backup Software: What’s More?

Simple Backup Management

Easily manage old backups in an all-around way: delete, merge, split and compress, to greatly save disk space and keep only useful backups.

Enhanced Backup Efficiency

Execute a differential backup or incremental backup based on a previously finished full backup to shorten backup time and save disk storage by only backing up changed data.

Basic Backup Scheduling

Set up a scheduled backup plan on a daily, weekly or monthly frequency. Relying on an auto backup plan can greatly ease the worry about forgetting to do the backup, and significantly save time.

Bootable Backup and Recovery

WinPE bootable disk is used for repairing/reinstalling the computer system when a breakdown happens or can’t boot into the recovery mode. EaseUS Todo Backup enables you to create a WinPE bootable disk with three steps.

Secured Password-protect Backups

Encrypting your backup files doubles the protection. EaseUS Todo Backup values your privacy and knows the importance of keeping data confidential. One simple click, add a password to protect your backup file from leaking.

Multi-path Backup Storage

EaseUS Windows 10 backup software knows how to help users to follow the the 3-2-1 backup rule. You can choose to store backup files to an external hard drive, cloud drive, or the network drive.

Disk & Partition Clone

Make an identical new hard drive compared with the original disk. Good for replacing an old/small/failing hard drive with a new one without losing data or setting up a new PC without reinstalling Windows.

Restore System to Dissimilar Hardware

Restore a system backup image from one computer to another with dissimilar hardware installed or from a physical machine to a virtual machine (P2V).

System Requirements EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Operating System Supported:

Windows 11/10/8/7

Backup Storage Devices:

  • HDD
  • SSD
  • RAID
  • etc
  • USB drive
  • Flash drive
  • FTP server
  • VMware virtual disk
  • NAS
  • DVD
  • Ne
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