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Keep Safe with Upgraded Windows Backup Strategy

    • Backup System & Hard Drive to Cloud Drive
    • Security Zone – Protect important data from ransomware
    • A complete backup and restore solution for personal use
    • Clone, upgrade or transfer your system easily

    Efficient & Secure Backup and Recovery

    Data loss can happen at any time caused by computer malfunction or virus. EaseUS Todo Backup makes it a snap to keep your system’s complete image file backup or critical file backup. Make sure your data is protected all the time.

    Disk/Partition Backup and Recovery

    Back up all data and settings of a partition or all partitions(disk) to get absolute peace of mind when data is corrupted.

    System Backup and Recovery

    Backup systems, boot partitions and program files to have an easy, efficient, and secure way to restore your system.

    Files Backup and Recovery

    Back up files on separate partitions on local drives or back up to external storage devices for full-scale protection.

    Multi-path, Cloud Storage Provided

    Backup to network shared location, USB Drive or different Clouds. EaseUS also provides an economic cloud backup service for a limited budget.

    Reliable Hard Disk Drive Cloning Tool

    Clone a hard drive with EaseUS Todo Backup makes an exact copy of any disk or partition. It can be used for backups, PC upgrades or disk duplication purposes. When the computer fails, the cloned drive can be used to replace the old one and resume system operation immediately.

    System Clone

    Whenever you want to Migrate/Move OS to SSD, Upgrade to a larger disk, Todo Backup can clone OS and all the boot-related partitions or files to make sure it’s bootable.

    Disk Clone

    Clone hard drive to SSD or create a bootable USB or CD/DVD drive. You can escape from the tedious work of transferring data and programs to the new drive.

    Clone Options

    It is supported to clone a smaller drive to a large one and vice versa. Clone an active Windows system directly to a new drive.

    Simple and Smart Backup Software to Avoid Data Loss

    AI Smart Backup

    Smart Backup is an exclusive backup option of EaseUS Todo Backup. Different from Scheduled Backup, Smart Backup is mainly designed for file/folder backup. Every 7-day is a complete backup circle and the 1st day is the date when you create the backup task. The first image of each circle is always full. For the other 6 days in this circle, every day starts with a differential image. And the rest image files on every valid day will be incremental backups.

    Security Zone to protect data from Ransomware

    For users who have only stored backup to the local disk, EaseUS Todo Backup creates a secure and encrypted partition, which is called Security Zone. Once it is created, the ransomware cannot access its contents. So even if your computer is attacked, you can still keep backup files and restore data from them.

    Backup Notification

    It offers an email notification to inform you of the state of your backup mission. The email subject contains your computer’s name and the backup plan name. You could choose to receive the email notification when the backup operation is succeeded or when it is failed. Your computer’s name and the plan name can help you make a record every backup you have created with EaseUS, in case you need to recover a specific backup.

    System Requirements EaseUS Todo Backup Home

    Operating System Supported:

    Windows 11/10/8/7

    Backup Storage Devices:

    • HDD
    • SSD
    • RAID
    • USB drive
    • FTP server
    • Network shared location
    • NAS
    • DVD
    • etc
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