RocFall2 Assess Slopes at Risk of Rockfalls

Gambar Rocscience RocFall2 Assess Slopes at Risk of Rockfalls

2D Statistical Analysis
Vary your slope material, geometry, and rock seeders to obtain an array of statistical envelopes, distribution graphs for energy, velocity and bounce height and visualize rock paths and endpoint distributions.

Barrier Analysis & Design Tools
Perform sensitivity analysis by creating custom barriers or choosing from a large library of predefined barriers including Geobrugg, Maccaferri, Pfeifer Isofer, RISP SRL, and Trumer Schutzbauten.

Rigid Body Analysis
Get more control of your analysis by defining the shape and size of rock and enable options for scarring, viscoplastic ground drag and vegetation damping. The Rigid Body algorithm also considers the impulse reaction of the rock.

RocFall2 across Applications

-Account for loss of bench width, assess the risk of runoff reaching lower operating levels, and design mitigation measures for your mines.

Rock Slopes
-Analyze instabilities in highly jointed rock slopes which pose risks for kinematic slope failures.

-Assess the risk of rockfalls reaching roadways and design and model remedial measures such as barriers and berms.

Explore the latest features in RocFall2

Report Generator
-Create and customize professional reports for your projects. Add models, graph view images and barrier reports.

Plotting Multi-Variables
-Plot up to three percentile values in conjunction to the max and mean values for envelope graphs.

Slope Materials Library
-Quickly generate material coefficients for Lumped Mass or Rigid Body analysis by selecting from a library of common slope materials.

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