Gambar RocSupport Support Estimation Using Ground Reaction Curves

RocSupport Support Estimation Using Ground Reaction Curves

Ground Reaction Curve
Easy-to-use software for estimating deformation of circular excavations in weak rock. Given the tunnel radius, in-situ stress conditions, rock parameters and support parameters, a ground reaction curve and a support reaction curve are calculated. The intersection of these curves determines a factor of safety for the support system. Account for long term tunnel behaviour by applying a strength reduction factor to obtain a long-term Ground Reaction Curve.

Support Options
Install combinations of Rockbolts, Steelsets, Shotcrete, or Custom supports. Users can select from a library of predefined supports using manufacturer’s specifications. Define support installation as the distance from the tunnel face, by percentage of tunnel convergence or by tunnel displacement.

Deterministic or Probabilistic Analysis
Compute a factor of safety with deterministic analysis or probability of failure for probabilistic models using convergence-confinement analysis. Model variability in tunnel radius, in-situ stress, and rock material properties by assigning statistical distributions to variables. Create histogram, cumulative, and scatter plots of statistical data.

RocSupport across Applications

-Estimate support requirements of tunnels in weak rock with quick parametric analysis.

-Model supported or unsupported tunnels with circular sections in weak rock.

Explore the latest features in RocSupport

Vrakas Method
-The Vrakas Method (2016) is a new analysis option in RocSupport used for tunnels with large-strain non-linear Generalized Hoek-Brown with dilation.

Batch Compute
-Save time with the Batch Compute feature which enables you to compute several deterministic and/or probabilistic RocSupport model files (.rsp) at once and quickly generate results to text or Excel format.

Automate From Excel
-Automate a deterministic or probabilistic analysis in RocSupport by reading in various numerical input data from an Excel template, and quickly generating computed results to text or Excel format.

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