Engineering Module
The Engineering Module sizes equipment, generates equipment lists, adds instrumentation, generates instrumentation lists, and simulates the process control system.

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Metsim International

METSIM® Site License Fee
BASE/MASS Balance Module
Includes Chemical, Mineral Beneficiation and Hydrometallurgical Models
and One Key.

The Premier Process Modeling Software

The basis for analysis of all chemical and metallurgical processes is the mass and energy balance. Plant design, capital costs, and technical evaluations are all dependent on such calculations. METSIM® is a general-purpose process simulation system designed to assist the engineer in performing mass and energy balances of complex processes.

METSIM® uses an assortment of computational methods to affect an optimum combination of complexity, user time, and computer resources usage.

1. Applications
METSIM® covers every aspect of your workflow

2. Processes
Design and test processes to ensure maximum efficiency

3. Analysis
Create multiple simulations to find the most effective solutions

Complete Project Simulation
1. SAG/Ball Milling and Flotation of Various Ores
2. Chloride Leaching of Molybdenum Concentrates
3. Hydrochloric Acid Leaching of Alumina Clays
4. Gold Cyanidation / Precipitation
5. Roasting/Flash Smelting of Copper Concentrates
6. Acid and Carbonate Leaching of Uranium and Vanadium Ores
7. Heavy Media Coal Preparation Plants
8. Base Metal Smelting
9. Gold, Nickel, Uranium, and Copper Heap Leaching

METSIM® offers a complete solution for any mining or manufacturing process with our add-on modules. From Engineering, to Operating Costs, to Heat Balance Calculations, and more, create the complete system you need to run your operation.

BASE/MASS Balance Module

The Base Module in METSIM® performs mass balance calculations around each unit operation and includes chemical, mineral beneficiation and hydrometallurgical models. This module is necessary to run METSIM® and, when purchased, includes a single user key.

Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) is included in the Base Module, allowing users to link Excel spreadsheets directly to their METSIM® models. Also included are numerous units for mass and time, including: grams, pounds, kilograms, metric/short tons, seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc.

Example of a mass balance spreadsheet generated in METSIM®. Such reports may be copied/pasted into Excel spreadsheets or even linked directly using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE).

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METSIM® Features

Complete Project Simulation in Five Modes
– Mass Balancing based on Design Criteria
– Detailed Equipment Sizing and Equipment Lists
– Steady State Simulation: Mass & Energy Balancing
– Parameterization to Simulate Existing Plants
– Dynamic Simulation for Time-Varying Parameters

– Easy to Add New Unit Operations
– Unlimited Number of Unit Operations & Streams
– Flowsheet and Dynamic Graphics
– May Calculate Portions of Flowsheets
– Robust Flowsheet Convergence

– Extensive Thermodynamic Database
– Chemical Kinetics and Phase Equilibrium
– Eight Phases of State, including Solid, Molten, Liquid, – Aqueous, & Gas Phases

Process Control
– Feedback and PID Controllers
– Logic/Expert System Controllers
– Equations may be Entered by User

– Mine Capital & Operating Costs
– Plant Operating Costs

Full Graphical Interface
– Truly Interactive Program and Menus
– Easy to Learn, Get Immediate Results

– Spreadsheet Interface to Excel
– DDE interface to Excel, InTouch
– DXF interface to AutoCAD


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