ZWCAD Mechanical

ZWCAD Mechanical
ZWCAD Mechanical is ZWCAD+ for manufacturing, including all the functionalities of ZWCAD+. With comprehensive libraries of standard-based parts and mechanical tools for design and drafting, ZWCAD Mechanical accelerates the mechanical design process, and helps designers save hours of design and rework.

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ZWCAD Mechanical

About ZWCAD Mechanical
ZWCAD Mechanical is ZWCAD+ for manufacturing, including all the functionalities of ZWCAD+. With comprehensive libraries of standard-based parts and mechanical tools for design and drafting, ZWCAD Mechanical accelerates the mechanical design process, and helps designers save hours of design and rework.

ZWSOFT, a leading supplier of 2D and 3D CAD/CAM solutions to the AEC and MCAD industries, today officially announced the new service pack for ZWCAD Mechanical. The main improvements of ZWCAD Mechanical SP2 are easier standard part customization and design environment migration. With enhanced parts library and new style sharing tool, designers can freely customize parts and drawing standards based on specific needs, and share to design team to speed up model creation and enhance collaboration.

ZWSOFT launched ZWCAD Mechanical 2021, the industry-specific version based on its faster and smoother flagship product, ZWCAD. Besides inheriting the speed, smoothness, and satisfying new functions of ZWCAD 2021, it offers more handy features.

Create Congruous Single Holes Easily
Now we have two more options for creating single holes. One is the “By Standard Size” option. Once checked, it allows you to use the standard size whose unit can be metric or inch and thus, spares you from manually inputting the hole diameter, and thus streamlines your hole generation process. Being complementary to the fixed type, it helps ensure that the length of the center line would adapt to the size of the hole proportionally.
Likewise, you can adjust the label size in the Hole Chart manager so that the hole label is neither too big nor too small for the hole.

Retrieve Parts Effortlessly from an Orderly Library
As the hub of mechanical design, the part library is always the primary concern. In this new version, parts have been rearranged by types and standards, enabling you to find the desired ones more effortlessly. What’s more, the German one is now available. Meanwhile, double-click on a part in the library and you can directly edit it in the model space, which boosts productivity.
In addition to the intelligent design functions mentioned, the APIs of ZWCAD Mechanical 2021 have been enhanced for not only developers to customize the program, but also enterprises to integrate it into management systems, such as ERP and PLM, and share internal product design data.

What Is ZWCAD Mechanical Version Used for?
With the help of computer-aided designs (CAD), different parts of the design process can be optimized, especially making changes and corrections. There might be various CAD tools for professionals in the MFG industry, but here comes ZWCAD Mechanical which is tailored to the mechanical engineers. At a glance, you might not spot the difference between ZWCAD mechanical version and other CAD software, but after a closer look at the library and the toolset, it becomes clear. This article will illustrate the highlights of ZWCAD Mechanical version, how it is applied to the MFG industry, and what makes it different.

Overview of ZWCAD Mechanical
Simply put, ZWCAD mechanical 2021 is used for creating and documenting mechanical engineering designs, making it highly useful for mechanical engineers working in the MFG industry. There are some extraordinary roles that ZWCAD Mechanical version fulfills in the following you should not miss.

Designing: Things that you could do by manual drafting in the past are available for ZWCAD Mechanical version now. Since ZWCAD Mechanical version is for mechanical drawings, you can use tools like geometric tolerance, holes, etc. They are manageable with the effective use of layers and viewports. Also, a profound library helps you more easily to obtain the specific component, such as a screw or a bolt that you are looking for.
Custom configuration: Layering and transparency settings make it possible to customize your design the way you want with ZWCAD Mechanical 2021. Inherently, it means that layer plays great role on classifying entities, while transparency is for better display effect. Customization isn’t limited to layer and transparency in ZWCAD Mechanical version. You are also available to customize annotations, BOM heads and bodies, and so on.
Industry-specific tools and templates: The library consists of a robust collection of mechanical tools and templates that saves you time when designing. They are all created according to standards in use in the industry.
Editing: Fine editing tools like FILLET make the job faster. Unlike manual drafting, where editing was a dreaded activity. Furthermore, when the system variable of SHORTCUTMENU is 0, double-click operation and mouse button are customizable. In this case, you can realize editing by replacing the result of the mouse operation with the desired command.
Managing external references: As expected, ZWCAD Mechanical 2021 has made it easy to manage external references with the unified manager in the MFG industry. Easily preview and highlight files, check file information, and modify file path can be achieved in this manager.

What values can ZWCAD Mechanical bring to mechanical engineers?
Mechanical engineers will quickly recognize these values that ZWCAD Mechanical version can give to their professional practice.

Time-saving: As mentioned earlier, speed is vital to the ZWCAD Mechanical 2021. With the upgraded graphic engine, it takes 30% less time to read the file than the previous version. In addition, it only takes half the time to switch, freeze, lock and unlock layers.
Accuracy: Thanks to an intelligent annotation system and the advantages of using CAD software, you can achieve better precision with your design. Since you often have to deal with small dimensions, accuracy is valuable to a mechanical engineer.
Professionalism: ZWCAD Mechanical version equips with professional drawing and construction tools, and nearly 300000 parts that can be called directly, covering machinery, automobile, mold, coal mine energy, transportation and water conservancy, chemical industry, shipbuilding and other professional fields. It is the standard part drawing library in China with the most and the widest range of part drawings at present.
Smart function: The intelligent annotation system of ZWCAD Mechanical version realizes the association between intelligent serial number annotation and BOM system, and the text data is updated and interacted synchronously, which really simplifies your word processing work.

So, what is unique about the ZWCAD Mechanical version?
Before you use CAD software, you need to know why it has to be ZWCAD Mechanical 2021 and what makes it stand out.

Fast and smooth operations.
Flexible customization (of frames, title blocks, BOM tables, symbols etc.).
Tools and templates available on ZWCAD Mechanical are according to the industry’s required standards.
It is available in different languages, such as English, Chinese, Deutsch, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Italian.
A profound component library that meets commonly-seen standards. The library contains templates for standard parts that are divided into categories and subcategories to make them easy to find.
Smart annotation features include the power dimensions, construction lines, title blocks, geometric tolerance, symbols, and so on.
Put together, it is apparent that ZWCAD Mechanical 2021 is an important tool for mechanical engineers. It allows them to use CAD software in a way that is specific to their needs and their industry. This kind of specialization saves time and gives them a competitive edge in the industry. While adapting to CAD software might take some beginners a while, ZWCAD mechanical version with clear operation interface and simple functions always helps make it smoother. In conclusion, ZWCAD software is an innovative product that specializes in optimizing the design process of mechanical engineers. To do this, ZWSOFT stays in touch with trends and changes in the industry. By working in close range with professionals, they can provide a CAD solution that optimizes the design activity. Specific benefits of using the ZWCAD Mechanical 2021 have been covered in this article. To start enjoying the advantages of ZWCAD Mechanical 2021.
You can look through other CAD solutions offered by ZWSOFT, which include: ZW3D, ZWCAD, CADbro, etc. Especially ZWCAD Mechanical version, which helps enhance collaboration with other professionals in the industry.

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