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Strength & Stress Analysis of Rock and Soil Materials

Virtual Soil Mechanics Lab

Utilize constitutive models like NorSand and Modified Cam Clay to get an in-depth look into the stress-strain relationship of your soil materials.

Rocscience RSData
Rocscience RSData


A bonus of RSData is the addition of RocProp, a database of intact rock properties which runs as a standalone application.

Probabilistic Analysis

Perform probabilistic analysis to model the variability in rock unit weight, joint shear strength, and water pressure parameters and obtain location-specific probabilities of failure. Generate statistical plots like histograms, cumulative and scatter plots for any selection of blocks, and fit distributions and regression lines through the data.

Rocscience RSData

Features in RSData

Technical Specifications

Additional Output Parameters

  • Hoek-Brown: rock mass tensile strength, compressive strength, deformation modulus
  • Mohr-Coulomb: uniaxial compressive strength, alpha angle
  • Power Curve: uniaxial compressive strength, tensile strength

Analysis of Test Data

  • Triaxial or direct shear test data
  • Lab or field (rock mass) data
  • Curve fitting methods: Modified Cuckoo, Levenberg-Marquardt, Simplex, Linear Regression, user-defined
  • Error summation: vertical, basic, parabolic tensile, Generalized Fairhurst
  • Absolute and relative best fit residuals
  • Data entry—in spreadsheet, from clipboard, import fi le (.roc, .rlb, .txt., .csv)
  • Tensile cut-off options
  • Data uncertainty analysis

Estimating Input Parameters

  • GSI calculator
  • Estimation of input parameters from built-in charts and tables: GSI, mi, sigci, D, C, phi, JRC, JCS, phir

Equivalent Mohr-Coulomb Parameters

  • Equivalent cohesion and friction angle for non-linear criteria
  • User-defined stress range
  • Instantaneous (tangential)
  • Cohesion and friction angle

Exporting Results

  • One click export to Excel
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Export image fi le (.jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png)
  • Export Slide2 shear-normal function

Failure Envelope Plots

  • Principal stress plot (sigma1, sigma3)
  • Shear-normal plot (tau, sigmaN)
  • Linearized principal stress plot ((sigma1-sigma3)/2 , sigma3)
  • Interactive plot display
  • Stress sampler
  • Instantaneous Mohr-Coulomb sampler
  • Equivalent Mohr-Coulomb envelope for non-linear criteria
  • Display test data on plots
  • Multiple materials
  • Formatting and customization of plots

Info Viewer

  • Save as HTML
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Open in Browser

RocProp Database

  • Primary database of intact rock properties (600+ records)search and filter by rock type, data type, geographical coordinates etc.
  • Charting and statistics
  • User database
  • Link to Google Maps
  • Export to Excel

Strength Criteria

  • Mohr-Coulomb
  • Generalized Hoek-Brown
  • Barton-Bandis
  • Power Curve

Stress Units

  • Metric (MPa, kPa, tonnes/m2)
  • Imperial (psi, psf, ksi, ksf, tons/ft2)

RSData across Applications

Calibrate your rock’s strength criteria and observed stress-strain behaviours using field and lab test data and compare them against numerical simulations of the same tests. 

Laboratory tests and stress-strain paths of soils can be imported into RSData for visualization. Compare & calibrate material parameters by plotting predicted constitutive behaviour on top of experimental data. RSData is a virtual soil mechanics lab, allowing you to study different constitutive models in prediction of typical laboratory tests.


Explore the latest features in RSData

Get in-depth insight into stress-strain behaviours and constitutive models of your materials.

Get the most control of your data by modifying value ranges, data sets and more. With stress path graphs, you can plot any two stress/strain or their invariants against each other.

Make your data come to life with the visualization of test progress and the evolution of hardening/softening rules in the constitutive models.

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