Rocscience RocTopple

RocTopple Toppling Stability Analysis for Slopes Buy RocTopple Block Toppling Model Analyze 2D block or block-flexural toppling stability given the slope geometry, and the joint spacing, dip and strength. RocTopple employs the Block toppling method of Goodman and Bray...

Rocscience RocPlane

RocPlane Graphical and Statistical Analysis of Orientation Data Buy RocPlane Planar Rock Slope Analysis Quickly and easily define planar wedge models, visualized in 2D and 3D. Perform planar sliding stability analysis using Limit Equilibrium Method. Model the effects...

Rocscience RocSlope

RocSlope 3D Block Stability Risk Assessment for Rock Slopes Buy RocSlope Model 3D Geological Structures For 3D slope geometries of benches, highway cuts, and entire open pits, model structurally controlled failure in rock slopes exhibiting jointing (faults, joints,...
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