Gambar PRO83310-QS/QL 10KVA

Prolink Master II Series (3P/3P) Tower

Prolink Master II Series (3P/3P) Tower Type is a three-phase output UPS system that employs a true online double-conversion technology. A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology digitizes the data and mathematically manipulates them to provide an improved solution with higher performance and reliability. High input power factor correction in the system improves the efficiency and reduce overall losses. Frequency converter mode 50Hz/60Hz is also available for sensitive equipment. Some distinct features of the PROLiNK Master II series 3P/3P UPS systems are as listed below

• Output power factor 1.0
For critical applications, this 3-phase online UPS with output power factor
1.0 ensures higher efficiency and advanced performance.

• Dual Inputs (Optional)
Master II series 3P/3P UPS systems are also available for optional
dual inputs to support mains and bypass inputs to have flexibility
for system configuration.

• ECO mode operation for energy saving
ECO mode improves the efficiency up to 99% to cut energy usage
& cost. In this mode, loads are supplied by the mains directly. While
mains failure, the UPS will constantly supply the power to the
connected device without any interruption.

• Emergency Power Off (EPO) function
Emergency Power Off (EPO) function is also available for the UPS
models and which is used to protect the personnel and the equipment
in case of fire outbreak or other types of emergency.

• Powerful charger design
Master II 3P/3P series come with 12A internal charger for
10~30kVA, 16A for 40kVA and 24A for 80kVA. It’s to support very
long runtime applications when connecting to big capacity of
external battery cabinet. Users can adjust charging current via
LCD setting based on applications.

• Generator compatible
This UPS can accept generator as power source and still convert
perfect power to the connected loads

• Optional parallel operation with common
battery bank (Up to 6 units)
The system can be operated in parallel, increasing the capacity and
performance. Besides, this parallel UPS system can share common
battery packs which might greatly reduce the expense and reach
the same performance

• High overload capability
Supports 110% overload capacity for 60 min and 150% overload
capacity for up to 1 min.

• Adjustable battery number design
The number of connected batteries can be adjusted flexibly (16~20
blocks) based on different power demands. This feature can allow
UPS to keep running even when some battery packs are damaged.

• Touch screen LCD display (Optional)
5″ Touch screen LCD display is available as an option for all Master
II 3P/3P UPS models. With touch screen LCD, maximum 500 event/
data logs can be stored inside.

• Flexible input/output configuration (10~20kVA)
UPS can be easily configured as 3-Phase input/3-Phase output (or)
3-Phase input/1- Phase output (or) 1-Phase input/1-Phase output.


– UPS Type : Tower
– Phase : 3-phase in / 3-phase out
– Rating (VA) : 10000VA
– Nominal Power (W) : 10000W
– Standard Model Dimension (mm) : 630 x 250x 826 (D x W x H)
– Weight (kg) : 124
– Long-run Model Dimension (mm) : 630 x 250 x 826 (D x W x H)
– Weight (kg) : 28

– Nominal Voltage : 3 x 400 VAC (3Ph+N)
– Voltage Range : 190-520 VAC (3-phase) @ 50% load 305-478 VAC (3-phase) @ 100% load
– Frequency Range : 46~54 Hz or 56~64Hz
– Power Factor : ≧0.99 @ 100% Load

– Output Voltage : 3 x 360*/380/400/415 VAC (3Ph+N)
– Voltage Regulation : ±1%
– Frequency Range (Synchronized Range) : 46~54 Hz or 56~64 Hz
– Frequency Range (Batt. Mode) : 50 Hz ± 0.1 Hz or 60 Hz ± 0.1 Hz
– Current Crest Ratio : 3:1 (max.)
– Harmonic Distortion : ≦2% THD (Linear load) ≦5% THD (Non-linear load)

– LCD Display : UPS status, Load level, Battery level, Input/Output voltage, Discharge timer, and Fault conditions

– Smart RS-232 / USB : Support Windows® 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008, Windows® 7/8, Linux and Mac
– Optional SNMP : Power management from SNMP manager and web browser

– Standard Model Type : 12V Lead Acid
– Numbers : (10+10)pcs x 1 string
– Typical Recharge Time : 4 hours recover to 90% capacity
– Long-run Model Type : Depending on customer
– Numbers : (10+10)pcs
– Charging Current (max) : 1~12A Adjustable

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